Wednesday, October 22, 2008


How do I love thee, let me count the ways.

(Even though there are far more than thirty-two of them, in honor of thirty-two action packed years, here are just a few of the reasons I love Gordon Keith Risser III)

Happy Birthday love.

1. Your integrity.

2. The way you can memorize the words to a song after hearing it twice.

3. Your eyes.

4. Your passion for the ocean.

5. Your devotion to me.

6. The right hand corner of your mouth.

7. Your constant search for truth.

8. The way you play with Van.

9. Your hands.

10. Your ability to make me want to be better, even when it's hard.

11. The sausage and tomato pasta you make.

12. Your strong arms.

13. Your bottomless pit.

14. The jokes you tell, even when they shouldn't be told.

15. Your sexy crooked teeth.

16. Books

17. Your dedication to living...

18. understanding...

19. embodying the gospel.

20. The way you walk.

21. Laughing with you.

22. Your love for the natural world.

23. The fact that we have totally different aesthetics (and mine is better)

24. Your hand strengthening cruncher things.

25. Your recent addiction to chocolate milk.

26. Your tummy.

27. Your family.

28. Your thirst for knowledge of any kind.

29. Your willingness to wake up at 5 AM to go surfing in a blizzard.

30. Your voice.

31. Your opinions.

32. Come home and I'll tell you.

Let's see, did I miss anything?

How do you love GK?


Sydney said...

Well, I must say I love his taste in women (specifically ONE woman- his wife). His quirky sense of humor- have you ever seen the video he made in high school? I also like his voice (raspy is cool- am I biased? think so). I love that he loves being a dad. I love that he can look outside the box. I love his curiosity about a bigger world. You go GK and Susanna! Congrats.

Derek Bitter, M.A. said...

barf. one more post like that and i'm never reading this thing again.

Sydney said...

Oh... and happy birthday GK.

Dad Risser said...

When we got to Cherryl's cousin's place in Vermont, one of the first things they did was haul out the "Hello Vermont" video you described. They have kept it all these years. I don't even have a copy any more, but Susanna got to see it and we all had a laugh.

It was great to spend the time with you both this week. We love that you love him - and Mini Van too.

Dad Risser said...

Oh, yeah....happy b-day GK

Shiloh said...

Andy loves GK's eyes too.....
Happy day of birth GK.

Jennifer said...

That was very sweet. I sent you a text to say Happy Birthday but I'm not sure if I have the right number.

Aimee said...

Cousin Happy Birthday sorry I missed the annual birthday text to you. I seem to have lost your number. Susanna you are so great.

J Coastie said...

I love that he has a friend named Derek a.k.a. D-licious, who cracks me up! haha

And I also love that he's a big brother that didn't get affended that i forgot to text him on the b-day. Was kinda a big day. Sorry i fogot mang.

I love you!

Heather Bankhead said...

Happy Birthday, GK! By the way, that book I borrowed from you is making good headway with me and a few others, and I will be sending it back soon. When I return to normal-mailing availabilities.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday GK!
(Derek is just jealous! HA)

Andrew said...

You are a good man, volatile. I coung LDS link up among my blessings. Costco chocolate milk is incredible.

Andrew said...

I mean counT, not counG

Kristy said...

Happy Birthday GK! We think you are pretty awesome too :)