Monday, August 30, 2010

Usually I let these moments pass

Sometimes when really important things happen in my life, I want to record them with perfection.

I want the words and pictures to match the experience, and so I wait until the moment when I've got the time to create that combination... but it never comes.

I have stories to tell my boy Van about how brave he's been and how proud I am of the hard thing he's been through and what he's taught me about courage and perserverance. But until I have a moment for that, here are a few pictures of my sweet guy.

Because he's back! Today, the cast came off.

Waiting to see what the Dr. would say.
All of us.
Watching. Van was fine as long as he had a fruit snack or two.
The beast.
Good thing they didn't ask if we wanted to keep it.
At each step, Van would tell the nurses " Good job!"

Van was immediately ready to go play.
And scratch his leg.
Once he found his way through the dead skin.

When we got home, he tried it out. It's still a little wobbly, but it's great to be back in the pool!

Maybe another time while Van is sleeping, or on a bike ride with "honey" (his dad), or busy playing with his friends at the park, I'll try to capture these last seven weeks for our memories. But it won't be at the expense of a single moment I can spend with my boy now that he's lost his "big sock".

Thursday, August 19, 2010


In 2006 I was just out of college, working a temp job, climbing or surfing every day, and not planning on doing much else for a while. Then I met a girl whose kindred spirit changed my life so quickly that I didn't even have time to notify all of my friends.

In the last four years we have lived together as true bohemians in Denver, New York, and Northern California, with itinerant layovers in L.A. and Salt Lake. We've been through two graduate programs, given life to three perfect children, spent a modestly estimated 6 months out of 48 on the road (driven tens of thousands of miles just for the sake of driving), developed a new career (two if you count Motherhood, which I do), collected a cadre of beautiful friends, worked through a few dozen plays and films and other creative projects, certified to teach Yoga, slept in the mountains, the desert, the dunes near the sea, and barely stopped to breathe.

Granted, we find ourselves near capacity at the moment, but in our own mellow way we like to stay busy and each year has been a whole new color of life. It's our motto to equally support each other in achieving and exploring the desires and curiosities of our hearts, and it's brought fulfilling fruit so far.

Our latest mantra, straight from the mouth of our little boy, is: "Are we gonna make it? Yes! We are!" It all moves so fast that there isn't even a photo reflecting our current situation. Thank goodness for the recurring date that annually marks the day we married. In the beginning my biggest wrestle with this relationship existed in the thought that Susanna cannot possibly be everything that I think she is, but she is. And more.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

two dresses

Well, Susanna has allowed me to break into her blog again.  This time because I promised pictures of her beautiful babies in their blessing dresses.  Josie and Delia were blessed at the end of July in California and because of a broken back, I unfortunately was unable to go.  However, I did help Grammy sew these beautiful little blessing dresses, although she gets most of the credit.  Especially for the incredible bonnets which she finished on her way to church.  Thanks Grammy!

Josephine Cherryl Risser

Cordelia Ann Risser

Susanna's beautiful girls

Grammy helping with Josie's bonnet

Delia smiling at her Mama

What works of art! (babies and bonnets)

I love you girls!  Love your Aunt Elizabeth

Monday, August 9, 2010

Summered Out

After all our adventures, we're ready to bring this summer to an end.

Just when I was feeling stretched to my limit, Vanny broke his leg and then I thought, "Well, I guess I had it pretty good." But through it all, Van has been such a sweet little guy. Not getting frustrated any more than a typical two year old (and a lot less than most).

Last week, just to tempt fate, we took our two baby girls and our wheelchair bound two year old to Yosemite to camp with GK's family. It was worth every inconvenience (nursing in a tent, cleaning black boogers out of everyones' noses, trying to keep Van's cast dry and clean) for these moments...

And now that we're home, GK's back to work and everyone needs mommy at once, we find ourselves like this...
A foot on each bouncer and laundry and toys everywhere! We've got it pretty good.