Saturday, February 24, 2007

Argentina on the Greyhound

Last Friday we left a resturant where we had eaten with some friends and recieved a phone call from my Aunt who explained that she had a family friend from Argentina who was stranded at the bus station, which was only two blocks behind us at the time. So, I went and picked up our new friend Sergio, an adverturous young Argentine stranded where the great American prairie meets the Rocky Mountains, due to the unpredictable weather of the region and the lack of Greyhound dependability. He came with me to buy my new American shoes and we went home to our apartment while Susanna slept at her Sister's. In the morning we all had breakfast together and took Sergio to the bus station where he could sit amongst the junkies while he waited. The most interesting thing we learned from our South American visitor was that he could not believe that Americans would take their children to Las Vegas.

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Finer Things

Tonight, after work and before the show, we went for a walk by the river and discussed married life, took a dinner of tacos to a crippled elderly woman, and walked the evening streets with sugar cones in hand__ Dulche de Leche in hers, and a chocolate creation called Billionaires in mine.

Baby Beavers

Yesterday I sat with my wife eating lunch in the sun, next to the river, on the steps of the pavillion under the Lawrence Street Bridge when we saw a small beaver wash up from the deep current and across a shallow spot. It got to its feet and scrambled across the rocks back to the main part of the river, dissappearing in the muddy snowmelt. It was so small I postulated that it may have been a squirrel that wandered too close to the shore and got swept away. This made Susanna sad, until I convinced her that it must have been a beaver.

Friday, February 2, 2007

The Role of Gender Reversals

Last night I watched my wife portray the role of a man. I think that of all the women doing so in this particular show she did the finest job. I'm glad that even the finest job still looked nothing like a real man.

Winter Wasteland

I think Susanna told me today that this was the coldest day in Denver, ever, by two degrees (-18). I don't believe that Hell has fireplaces anymore.