Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We're Back in the Game...

Moving fairly slowly.
People keep asking me how the adjustment to motherhood is going. It always starts a little differently depending on whether or not the person asking has made the adjustment. But the question is essentially the same. Are we surviving the inevitable lack of sleep imposed on us by our little angel. And my answer is always the same. I love it!

For the first few nights, hearing his little cry was like hearing noises on Christmas Eve as a child that you were sure were Santa Clause. It was such an amazing thing to realize each time I woke up that he was still there and that this was our little family. I will admit that after several sleepless nights, as my mom's impending departure drew nearer, there were moments when I would wake up for nighttime feeding number four and think, "Okay love, eat quick so mommy can sleep."

Having my mom here with us was so helpful and wonderful. We've planned on her coming since the first signs of Van's existence. I kept thinking, "It'll be nice to have her here. But GK's schedule is pretty flexible, so we don't really need the extra help." Boy was I wrong. It was so far beyond nice to have another pair of hands and another mind to help brainstorm why he might be so fussy.

One of the incredible blessings of having her here was her documentation of the first week of our little one's life in beautiful pictures. I couldn't pick which one was my favorite, so I decided to put a few on here. I have always been opposed to the thought of posting scantily clad pictures of my child on a fairly public forum, but these pictures turned out more beautiful than I had imagined. And I thought some of you might enjoy my mom's incredible timing in capturing the stream of pee. (Only seconds later in the cleanup, his little umilical remnant fell off. So that particular little picture caught quite a story)

I had lofty goals for my return to normal life. I made lists of all the things I would get done while he slept. It only took a day to realize that my life will move more slowly for awhile. And only another day to be really grateful for that. I'm so grateful for my days with my Van.