Sunday, March 28, 2010

Quite The Able Mother

A very dear friend of mine (a sister in many ways) has been a genuine inspiration since we were children. People say such things casually quite a bit, but I doubt that in this case anyone would argue. She's wonderfully grounded, a devoted friend, gives practical advice (has an opinion on most everything), is always motivated and determined, cares for others, may be surly at times but never complains, and has had muscular dystrophy for the near thirty years of her life. That last bit may slow her down at times, but it's never stopped her. In a very real way, she is a miracle. But she would be confused and embarrassed by a comment like that. And she would never think such a thing about herself. She gives you the impression that the struggle she very skillfully deals with on a daily basis is just like the anxiety you feel about living a good life, or like the social struggle we all have when trying to make friends or find a new job. It's just what it is; her life. Well, now she is a Mom. Every day she cares for a beautiful baby girl. A miracle compounded. As are the struggles. And also the joys. You should meet her. She's started a blog that I think may get interesting, especially if other people get involved. You can find her here.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Last Weekend

This last weekend we decided to get away. As pushed through the stress of packing and initial departure, we wondered if it was worth the effort.
Boy was it!

Here are some highlights... (that wouldn't have been captured without our amazing new camera) 

Chapter 1: Ventura
Where we went to see S's brother Nathan and his wife Marian. Our gracious hosts.
Van busted out his new swim trunks and was in heaven exploring every rock and staring at every surfer.
We were also lucky enough to see S's cousin Nathan and his wife Sarah Jane.
Susanna and Sarah Jane (7.5 months and 3 months along respectively)
Nathan Bowen (S's cousin and SJ's hubby) and their daughter Norah.
Just a picture of Suzi that I really like.
Born two days apart, these two little New Yorkers have adjusted to California life with great ease.
GK teaching Van the ways of the ocean.
The morning view from the deck.
Our morning view from the table.

Chapter 2: Solvang
We went to cheer on Poppie (Grandpa Risser) on his 100 mile bike ride.

(If you look closely you'll see GK's passengers front and back)
Mimi and SusannaReggie in heaven. He and Mimi have a real bond.

Vanny waiting for Poppie's arrival at the finish line.
Poppie's arrival, in style!
The celebration.
Van aspiring to be like the big guy.

An early morning hike with Dad and Poppie.

Followed by a glorious breakfast.

I suppose every good thing has to come to an end. In order to make way for the next one.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Dad

Happy Birthday!

To the one who taught me how to care about other people,
how to be resilient,
how to be grateful,
how to be kind,
how to ski,
how to write,
the importance of honesty...
among many other things.

I'm grateful you were born.
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Against my better judgement...

For those of you asking,
here's a profile shot my mom caught at New Beginnings (at church) last weekend.

Oh babies!

Don't expect many more of these. It's my naptime and I'm sure I'll live to regret this.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Grammy and Papa

Came to town this weekend.
We picked flowers.
Made very satisfying messes.
Went on walks.
Sat around talking until way too late.

And now Vanny walks around saying "Pa pa papa." and "Nammy Gammy". I think he's looking for you, so come back soon!
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