Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dear Utah Friends

My apologies. I'm sorry we didn't see any of you. Our trip started late when we I-80 was closed because of lots of snow.  Then once we were safely there, sweet Delia spent a few days in the hospital with RSV while Van and Josie battled it at my parents' house. Then all of the sudden, our vacation was over and we had to come back to California.

I had plans to see you, really I did. And I'm sad that it didn't happen. But I hope your Christmas was bright and wonderful.

ps. To anyone who sent me your address and didn't get a Christmas card, the last batch is still in my bag because... read above. Do you still want it? I will probably still send it, but you don't have to feel guilty about looking at it, smiling, and tossing it into the garbage. (the smile is optional of course)

I love you. Happy New Year!