Monday, May 17, 2010

two sisters

 two sisters

two sisters, with two sisters

You may be like me and be checking Susanna and GK's blog every day to see new pictures of their little ones.  Well, at least I was until I got to meet Josie and Delia last week.  I decided at the end of my week there that I wanted to include some of my thoughts and images--to try and share a little of my heavenly experience in Davis.  Plus, let's be honest.  Who knows how many posts the Rissers will have the time or energy to write. I took hundreds of pictures while I was there...I will just include a fraction of them.

I planned since the day I found out the twins were coming that I wanted to go out and help Susanna.  Now, looking back on it, I realize it was more selfish than anything.  There are very few times in life when one gets to spend hours sitting with their sister.  Quality time.  And not feel guilty about it or think about what else you should be doing.  Then, to be cuddling a beautiful, sleeping baby at the same time.  Well, that's heaven. For years I have imagined Susanna and I doing this.  However, I didn't realize they would both be her babies.

Sweet Delia

Lovely Josie

When I got home, I told my husband Brady that I would put this experience in the top five of my entire life.  It was so sweet.  I was needed, I could make Van smile and laugh, load the dishwasher, change diapers, hand something to Susanna as she nursed two babies, do laundry.  And to my joy, these beautiful babies loved to be held.  And so that's what I did. 

couldn't you watch them for hours?

Although Van did try a couple times to step on the girls while I was there, I think he just had to assert himself and remind everyone not to forget him.  And how could we.  He couldn't be sweeter.  Delia and Josie couldn't be luckier.  This energetic singer will protect them forever.  And give them hugs anytime they need one.


 There is a spirit and peace that rests on a home of a new baby.  If you have ever brought a baby home, or spent time with a new mother, you know what I am talking about.  When there are two babies and a sweet boy who periodically breaks into song, it's indescribable.  

I am so grateful for my sister and our friendship.  As I studied Josie and Delia, I sensed some of the same closeness.  At one point Susanna said, "What if one looks like me and one looks like you."  I like that idea.  It was so hard to say goodbye to these two.  They will change so fast.  Susanna and GK, you are wonderful parents and I will forever cherish my time in your home with these new babies and making Van laugh his head off. It was such a gift to spend such precious time with you, Susanna.  You are a lovely mother.  I hope to have another experience like this with you someday.  Love, Aunt Zaza (elizabeth ashdown)

A few more pictures...