Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blessings and Birthdays

Sunday, GK gave a name and beautiful blessing to Delia and Josie.

Yesterday was Vanny's second birthday.

Celebrations for both have been affected somewhat by our recent hospital stay.

Last week while camping at Refugio (north of Santa Barbara, CA), Vanny tripped over his own cute toes while showing off his gatorade bottle to one of his new friends.

Since he reacted a little differently than the other 75 times he tripped that day, we rushed him into the Goleta ER and had his leg X-rayed. He had spiral fractured his left femur and had to be transferred by ambulance to the nearest Hospital with a Pediatric unit.

After getting a little rest, the doctor put a Spica Cast on Vanny and put an end to our summer swimming, running, and ... tripping. He'll see the summer out in his wheelchair and new bike trailer. GK and I are still figuring out the way to juggle two infants and a newly entrapped toddler. It would be impossible without all the help from grandparents and friends. We've been very blessed.

Pictures to come.