Monday, June 30, 2008

Bottoms Up! (Pictures coming soon)

With the recent success of GK's "I'm turning into a dad" post, I've been trying to figure out what I could possibly write that would be as funny, interesting, awkward etc.

Well, no luck. I don't think there is anything I could post that would equal it. So here's just a little update on the mommy front.

Based on the regular bulges appearing on my belly... one large pointy bottom looking one in the middle and one slightly less large round one on the right side, I had guessed that our little guy was chilling in a transverse position and not yet ready to flip into position.

I was wrong! To our delight the doctor confirmed on Thursday that that large pointy middle one is indeed his rump (which he seems extremely proud of based on the amount of time he spends poking it out... he gets that from his daddy... see previous post), but the one on the side is his foot and his head is already down. Wahoo! Looks like our little surfer will be a right footer.

So with 23 days to go (unless he decides to take after his mama and come two weeks late), we're in pretty good shape.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

What the hell?

Lazy - Eye
I agree with GK's brother Jason, there does seem to be something wrong with this guy.

But if you think that picture is funny you're really gonna have a good time with this one:

Maybe it's the extra large communication device attached to the belt loop, or the running shoes that strive a little too hard to be "hi-tech", could be the little dog, or the fact that he is actually chasing geese in the park with the little dog, whatever the case may be, this guy is just no longer cool in any way. I think it must be nature's way of preparing a man for a baby and making sure he is way off the market, for the sake of the budding family. It makes for great entertainment.

PS. As most of you probably know, Susanna would never talk with such derision about her beloved husband. I think this was a moment of self-reflection after spending a day in a birthing class. So don't be sad. Susanna still thinks GK is a hunk of burning love even in his goose chasing outfit.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Proud Parents

JJ, Edwin, Me and baby, GK
Tonight we celebrated the graduation of our two Seminary students JJ Tang and Edwin Herrera.

I didn't have many expectations of the evening actually. Most meetings of the church are without the ceremony and ritual of many other religions. And this meeting was certainly without the pomp and circumstance of most graduations. But there was something moving about the tribute it paid to a bunch of teenagers who woke up really early. Some of them every day for four years.

The meeting was scheduled at 5pm, so when GK and I walked in at 4:57 and saw only the CES director and one other couple with two small children we were sure we had gotten the time wrong. No, we got it right. And when there were a few more people there, they started the commencement... at around 5:25.

I won't belabor this post more than necessary by detailing the minutes of the meeting, but between the leaders' remarks and the presentation of the diplomas both Edwin and JJ had been asked to share their testimonies. I felt like a proud mother. I listened as they both talked about how much they had learned about the scriptures this year, and how much they appreciated GK and me for teaching them. They talked about how it had prepared them to serve missions and understand more fully the role of Christ in their lives.

I wouldn't have traded this year of Seminary for the world as I listened to these two boys talk about their experience. For every morning that I threw up on the street on the way to or from Seminary, and for every morning that GK made me stay in bed; for every morning that we walked down the hill to the train with the icy wind blowing right through our layers and for every morning we came home soaked from unexpected rain, I knew that we had been blessed by knowing two such dedicated, humble, sincere 18 year olds.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June is busting out all over...

Or at least my belly is.

I know I have been less than stellar at posting lately. Not because nothing is happening in our lives... Au contraire mon frere! But because of my resistance to spending all day in front of the computer waiting for it to do something. Anything!

What has changed? Well, for one thing this week it's been about 100 degrees every day. That may be okay for Arizona, or Nevada, but let's just say that when you combine that heat with 100% humidity (just my own personal estimation) we are talking about the true Death Valley. Death Valley, Brooklyn.

It's so hot that Reggie doesn't want to go outside. I try to take him on walks and after about half a block, he lies down on the sidewalk in protest. I know he's small, but only a couple of weeks ago he was walking four miles at a time with me, so I know it's not the pace or the distance.

It's so hot that the police/fire men put sprinkler things on the fire hydrants and let them spray all over the streets for the kids to play in. I don't know if it's to prevent discontent or if it's to let pressure out of the water line.

It's so hot that aside from Church on Sunday, GK and I holed up in our apartment and blasted the A.C. all day. (Thank goodness for "all utilities included"!)

It's so hot that Monday morning we got our affairs in order and went to the beach. We hung out in the sun (oops! and sweat off our sunscreen. ouch!), and jumped in the ocean... sans wetsuits, and GK even caught the only decent waves all day.

But the forecast predicts that things are cooling back down. Mind you, it'll still be hot enough to need a sweat rag at all times, but at least it's not too hot to go outside.

Stay tuned for photos and stories from our epic trip to Utah, as well as the story of the 85 year old Puerto Rican man who tried to get me to cheat on my husband today. Oh, it's good to be home!