Sunday, May 15, 2011

That boy of mine

We went to the farmers' market on Saturday morning. We went to see the people, buy a cookie, look for some yummy looking fruit, and of course find some music.

Somehow, all the kids love music. Recently, Van has started some music classes, and it's amazing to watch his new found confidence.
 When we stopped to hear some guys jamming at the park, he made himself at home on the extra instruments laying out for passers by.

I think it's about time this kid started earning his keep.

Monday, May 9, 2011


Today, I loved nothing more than being a mother. We've had busy weekends over the past several weeks. But today, we put on the brakes and just laid low.

My Jo spends hours of the day at this window waiting for people to pass by. Then she waves and smiles and smudges the screen with her drool-covered chin, and says, "Hi" or "Ha fa" (high five). It's very hard to resist falling in love with her perfect, squishy little self.
My boy is always amazing me with his tenderness. In the morning he wants to "go check on the babies" and when they come out he smiles and says, "my sisters" and kisses them on the heads. Of course then he cries when one of them takes his "Lightning Eequeen" and  proceeds to throw all of his special toys over the baby gate into the kitchen where "the babies can't get them".
My sweet bird loves her mama right now. She can't get enough cuddles and kisses. She laughs at everything... except strangers. But even in her attachment, there is a mischief lurking behind her blue eyes that makes me smile.Posted by Picasa

And this guy (the one on the right), well, the picture speaks for itself. He carries a big load around here, and I'm grateful every day.

I wouldn't be a mother without them, and wouldn't want to.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

An Accomplishment

Friday was a rough day. It started out tired and was fueled by three cranky kids and some every day chaos. And by evening, I felt like I was drowning. I was overwhelmed with how many things in my life were demanding my attention, and only getting the bare minimum.

By the time GK and I had the kids in bed, I was exhausted and in my fatigue I started to let my emotions and my imagination run away with me. I felt sad that my children didn't have the mom they deserved, that I didn't communicate better with my husband, that my house wasn't more orderly and more fun, that my classes weren't better prepared and executed, that my... 

Well, I won't go on, but you get the idea.

Then I started thinking what a stupid idea it was to have signed up for a half-marathon back in early March. What had I been thinking? I went to bed with these thoughts running through my head. Needless to say, I had a hard time sleeping.

At 5:50 AM as the rest of the house slept, I tried not to let myself think too much. I got dressed in my fluorescent pink shirt that I'd picked out at Target so that I'd be easy to see in the crowd, did a little warm-up sun salutation, ate a little breakfast and went outside to meet my ride. 

Once my friend Heather and I arrived and signed in, I called GK to say everything was set. I asked him how everyone was and he said they were still asleep. (Turns out Van was actually awake and sitting under the dining room table eating powdered Nestle Quick) He said to run with my phone so they could try to catch me at some point along the way.

I started my race and GK started his. He changed three diapers, packed snacks, drinks, stroller while Van entertained the girls.
They raced into Sacramento and GK called me at mile 5 as they got close. He called again after he had parked, unloaded, and sprinted up the hill with the world's largest stroller. We were both so disappointed, they had just missed me. So like a champ, he packed up the kids again, broke down the stroller and drove to the finish line.

Some photo highlights of the race:

Just before I saw them at the finish line

 Just after we reunited

 Van thought my bib looked like a bag of popcorn. He kept reaching inside to see if he could find some.

 The girls enjoying the free bananas in their jammies

 My medal

 My banana (altogether, we put away seven)

 Josie enjoying the mariachi band

 The mariachi band (Van loved the trumpets)

 My friend Heather who ran her fastest half ever

 Family Portrait (the girls are behind Vanny, there's no good angle to get everyone in that stroller)

In the end, it wasn't such a stupid idea after all. I made good time and accomplished something I'd set out to do. It turns out it was just what I needed after a day like Friday. And the absolute highlight of the experience was kissing the faces of my sweet babies and my love. 

Maybe there's something to this idea of enduring to the end.