Monday, May 5, 2008


Yeah, maybe. But stinking legitimate ones. About a month ago, I went to school with GK so I could use a computer in the computer lab on campus. I was finishing up our taxes and our computer wouldn't let me do what I needed to do.

Well, after completing the necessary dirty work, I decided to check in on my favorite blogs and find out what was going on in everyone's lives. It took me 15 minutes! 15 minutes to read all the blogs it usually takes me two hours to check. For the past few months GK has exhibited a severe lack of patience when trying to do anything on our home computer. I would just laugh at him and tell him, "It always works for me." Well now I understand why he's frustrated! I selectively schedule blog checking/updating time because it's a real time commitment... and now that it's sunny outside, when I try to do it on our stinky slow computer I feel like I'm wasting my life (especially after experiencing the lightning speed of normal, non-stinky slow computers)!

So, if you ever wonder why Susanna and GK only post once a year, it's because it's really beautiful this time of year in Brooklyn and we're outside. So just to fill you in on what's been happening in our lives, here's a little update...

-GK's friend Derek came to see us and stayed for a few days in connection with a trip to check out his new Grad School program in Annapolis, MD. We're excited for him to be close in the fall!

-Our friends Wade and Misty came to visit us from Denver and made us homesick for our Denver Days. They were only here for 24 hours and we spent 3.5 of them sleeping, but our visit was unbelievable and we have been in mourning since they left.

-As I type, GK is sitting in class turning in his final paper for this semester. He's almost done... until summer term, but his load will be lighter and he'll be working more. He's officially making the transition from full-time student to full-time career man, part-time student.

-A week from tomorrow we leave for a long-awaited two week visit to Utah to see our families and enjoy being away from the city.

-I have officially entered the 3rd trimester and on Wednesday will get the Rhogam shot made necessary by my AB negative blood. One of the many reasons I'm glad I live in the 21st century and have access to smart doctors and lots of needles.

-On our "to do" list is figure out what the dickens to do about our stinky slow computer, so when we do, expect updates more frequently. Until then, re-read the old posts if you must. We haven't changed much (aside from the size of my belly).

If you're wondering how Brooklyn can really be beautiful enough to make us lose contact with all our favorite blog people... come see us! We'll prove it!