Friday, April 15, 2011

Spreading Out the Fun

Growing up in my family, we had a saying, "We spread out the fun." I've mentioned it before. It used to mean that your birthday would be celebrated a few days late, or maybe the perfect gift hadn't been located quite yet.

Here in the Risser house we've adopted the slogan with gusto. Only to us it means that your birthday lasts several days before and several days after the official date.

We started celebrating the girls' birthday last weekend with some cupcakes and sweet company all the way from Colorado and Oakland. Then on Monday, a friend came with us to the park and took these amazing photos.

I can't wait to see the rest! Once we're done celebrating that is. (to see more of Angella's brilliance go to


Shoecrazy Sue said...

Congrats! You have reached a milestone and done it beautifully!! Happy 1 year!
Sue W.

Jennifer said...

They are so sweet and their birth story is amazing. You are amazing!

MARTHA said...

"We spread out the fun!" I want to adopt that saying.

elizabeth said...

happy birthday girls! i can't believe you're one! love the pictures

Derek Bitter, M.A. said...

Spreading out the fun? Is this some sort of communist idea?

skipshots said...

Hi, darlings. How many small and unknown miracles did it take to add up to the miracle of this first birthday? What beauties. Susanna and GK, you have been amazing!
Love, Mom