Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Westward Ho!

It's warming up here in New York.

After a beautiful dumping of snow last weekend, the sun came out, stayed out an hour longer, and has invited the birds out of hiding.

The great thaw of what starts to feel like a concrete tundra is much appreciated but moving a little bit too slowly. And so, Van and I are flying west. We are participating in a tardy migration to escape winter by going to visit grandparents!

There are many adventures in store including a big huge fantastic and LONG awaited surprise, Van's first taste of the beach, and I'm pretty sure... crawling. Just to name a few.

And since GK has to stay here in New York to supervise the thaw, there will likely be more regular updates...

Stay tuned.


seven smiles said...

Have a blast!
(Wish I could go west for a bit, too... bummer.)

krissiecook said...

Dang it, wouldn't you know we won't be west when we could possibly see you. Maybe you need to thaw in South Florida...or maybe we need to take a cue from you and visit grandparents. Will Van be surfing?

Jamie said...

Yay - I wil totally come up and say hello. I have really good friends in SB I can visit and then stop by to see you. I would love to meet Mr. Van too and walk on the sandy shores with you two!

Sydney said...

How exciting. Will we have a chance to meet Van the Man?

Kris, Andrea, Lacey, Mia, and Kannon said...

I just wanted to tell you that van is seriously so stinkin cute! wow those eyes! BABE!