Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy October

Well I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing that we don't have the internet at our apartment yet. It probably means I get more unpacking done. But it's funny how I have this itch to play around on this thing and figure out all the cool stuff I can do to it.

We are now into Month Two of the New York Adventure and I can't believe how fast time goes. We are so happy to be living in our place finally and now that we have our furniture and pictures and microwave, noone would ever guess how funny it used to look... or maybe we're just getting used to it.

Anyway, last week on GK's day off he rented a carpet cleaner from Lowe's and cleaned the carpets FOUR TIMES!!! It made such a difference. And now a week later after much wall scrubbing and sorting and unpacking, we're really loving our little home. The funny part is that we really won't be in it for very long if things go according to plan. GK is looking into all of his internship opportunities for the next summer and we're getting really excited. He's hoping to work for The Alpinist for the summer which is located in Jackson Hole.

Things with school are going so well. He's getting to be an expert student... not an easy task after several years off.

I, on the other hand, am trying to get my nose out of boxes far enough to make a little time for theater every day. Sometimes I have to count the drama I see on the streets. I was invited to a cool workshop on Saturday, and am plugging away at potty training Reggie (not an easy task). He has adjusted slowly but surely to the fact that I can't let him off his leash to take care of his business.

As you can see, nothing extraordinary is happening, except for the extraordinary blessing of being here together pursuing this chapter of our lives and our dreams. We are really excited to watch Conference and our

By the way, this was obviously written by Susanna not GK, but I accidentally sometimes sign in as GK because it's automatic. Also, it was written a week or so ago, but my computer ran out of juice and it's been since then that I could get back to The Tealounge, our beloved internet provider.


Amberly said...

Hey there! So happy to find you in this blogging world! Hope to see more of you... hope you're both doing well!!

Eddie said...

"Things with school are going so well. He's (GK) getting to be an expert student... not an easy task after several years off."

Ha ha! Maybe, but he does have plenty of experience.