Tuesday, November 20, 2012


In case I haven't mentioned it, we're moving.*

Last week, we took a scouting trip to find a place to live when we arrive. We packed up the mini-van (which we call the Pirate Car, because you can't have a boy Van and car Van in the same family), and made the 11 hour drive (12.5 for us) from Davis to Salt Lake City.

The kids and I spent a few days up at my parents' mountain house playing in the snow while GK worked his new territory. Then we spent a few more days looking for a place to live. It was a fun trip, making the big move much more real. More exciting, and more terrifying.

I spent much of the drive home in the back seat addressing various requests. Juice, a book, milk (in Augie's case this meant huddling awkwardly over his carseat trying to nurse him while we were both strapped in).

Around hour ten, I found myself on the back bench wedged between two carseats. Augie was clinging to my right pointer finger, Van was holding my left hand with both of his, Josie and Delia each had hold of one of my feet as I propped them up on the inside armrests of their seats, and they were all fast asleep.

It's hard to leave the house these days without someone commenting on how full my hands are. We are not a subtle group and there are many days when I wonder how well I am juggling the needs of my four little children. But then, there are moments like this when I am connected to each one, and that connection has met their needs with perfection.

At that moment in the car, I realized again that it's all about perspective. Little moments that bring it all into focus. Sometimes it takes chaos and catastrophe to see the silver lining. Sometimes the catastrophe doesn't seem to have a silver lining, and the other way around.

I've decided to start recording my moments of clarity. Just so I don't lose perspective.

A few months ago, the Utah territory in GK's company became available. His boss (also a Mormon, who lives in Utah) knew that we have family there and asked if GK was interested in taking the position. After considering the offer, and weighing it against another possible position with the company, we decided to make the move.


Carol said...

I'm so sad you are leaving us, but mostly happy that you will be closer to family! I'm not sure if you read Katie's blog, but she wrote a description of you that is spot on. http://thediaryofkatierose.blogspot.com/2012/11/my-kids.html
You've been such a great example to my family, and we think pretty highly of GK too! Keep us posted on Van's progress please. Love you all!

Community Values Forum said...
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julie said...

I have done the nurse while both you & the baby are strapped in with all my kids. :) The worst is when the car doesn't have tinted windows. I loved this post Susanna! :)

Rebecca Lang said...

Thank you for sharing your moment of clarity! They are easily lost in the rush of life. Good luck on your move!

Krisanne said...

I am so thrilled that you and your beautiful perspective are moving to Utah!

Emily Widdison said...

I wish I had a picture of you making your arms and legs available to your sleeping babies. Such a good mom!!
We hope we get to see more of you soon!

MARTHA said...

Hoping all goes well with the move. You always have such a good attitude. Love you!

elizabeth said...

you have such a sweet way with words. want to write up my thoughts for me please? and you are one incredible mama

Jennifer said...

Change is always fun. I love the hanging over a carseat nursing it's awesome.

Your a great mom!

The Fillmore Family said...

Every time I read your blog I think "You are so brave." Now you have another set of twins in your family. Another brave mother. I can't even imagine two at a time because one was always so all consuming.
Love, Joanne